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Brazilian graffiti artist and feminist icon Panmela Castro rocked the hip-hop community when she became the first woman to win a Hutuz Award in 2008. She made waves again just two years later in 2010 when she won the Hutuz Award for best Artist of the Decade.  Castro has risen to the top of the male-dominated graffiti world in Brazil by charting her own path, and using street-art to raise awareness about an issue that hits very close to home: domestic violence.



Sohini Chakraborty was a dancer and sociologist in 1996 when she began volunteering at a shelter for sex trafficking survivors in Kolkata, India. She knew instinctively that dance could help girls reclaim their bodies after the trauma of trafficking, and over the past 2 decades, Chakraborty has touched the lives of over 7000 survivors throughout South-East Asia and trained over 50 survivors to become professional dance movement therapists themselves.



Senegalese singer and activist Sister Fa is a survivor of childhood female genital mutilation. She’s now based in Berlin, but is a controversial figure throughout West-Africa, where she regularly tours, using her fame to spark a dialogue around genital mutilation, which is still too taboo to discuss in many communities.

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American fashion designer ANNA TAYLOR first moved to Kenya to work in Nairobi’s slums when she was in high school. There, she met an unemployed seamstress named Judith, whom she hired to sew her clothing designs. In 2011, Taylor founded Judith&James to train and employ impoverished Kenyan women to produce high fashion clothing. In 2013, at the age of 22, Taylor debuted her collection at New York Fashion Week.

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the experts

PHUMZILE MLAMBO-NGCUKA Executive Director, United Nations Women


Executive Director, United Nations Women

MOLLY MELCHING Founder and CEO, Tostan


Founder and CEO, Tostan

ALYSE NELSON President and CEO, Vital Voices        


President and CEO, Vital Voices        

THADDEUS BLANCHETTE Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

MUSIMBI KANYORO President and CEO, Global Fund for Women


President and CEO, Global Fund for Women

MARCOS NASCIMENTO Professor, Rio de Janeiro State University


Professor, Rio de Janeiro State University

The Filmmakers




Driftseed Co-Founder

EMMY® award-winning documentary filmmaker Sophia Kruz has a passion for non-fiction storytelling. Her work has screened at film festivals, museums, libraries, community centers, and health-care facilities nationwide, and is broadcast regularly on PBS stations. Kruz's documentary work is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, Marian Chace Foundation, International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and the Womanity Foundation. She is currently a co-founder of the non-profit Driftseed and the University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women 2015-2016 Visiting Social Activist. 

Formerly a producer in PBS Detroit's National Documentary Unit, Kruz produced RIDE THE TIGER (2016), a documentary on neuroscience and bipolar disorder and BEYOND THE LIGHT SWITCH, Hour 3 (2015), for national PBS broadcast. From 2010-2013, Kruz held the position of Video Producer & Editor at UMS, the University of Michigan's international performing arts presenter. She earned her BA in Screen Arts & Cultures at the University of Michigan.



Driftseed Co-Founder

Meena’s documentary work has taken her all over America, and most notably, she shot scenes for 2013 Oscar winning documentary Twenty Feet From Stardom. Born in Chicago to an Indian father and an American mother, Meena finds a balance between her eastern heritage and western upbringing through cinema. Her background of global influences has helped her bring a unique perspective to the projects she takes on. This, coupled with her high level of technical knowledge and training, and her desire to bring affecting stories that matter to the screen in a visually compelling way, have made her a highly valuable asset and long-term collaborator with the directors she’s worked with. 

She studied cinematography at Columbia College Chicago and shot her first two feature films before the age of 21. Following her early success, she relocated to Los Angeles to attend the prestigious American Film Institute. Her work has received numerous awards and critical acclaim, and has screened at film festivals around the world. Meena is a member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild.

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AMRITHA VAZ - Composer

Ankita B&W Small.jpg

ANKITA SINGH - Driftseed Co-Founder

From the director

LITTLE STONES follows four women whose lives are dedicated to empowering survivors of gender based violence and eradicating the atrocities of domestic violence, human trafficking, extreme poverty and female genital mutilation. These women are therapists, activists, missionaries, and entrepreneurs.

These women are artists. 

Art is what drives these four women, provides an avenue for self-expression, and allows them to heal other women and girls in their communities. Each artist featured in LITTLE STONES is a creative visionary, and I wanted to tell their stories with the same aesthetic care as they give their own life’s work, which is why I selected Meena Singh as the film’s cinematographer. Singh has a background in narrative filmmaking, and our plan was to approach the photography of LITTLE STONES from a cinematic view, focusing on detail and aesthetics, playing with visual transitions and juxtapositions, and interweaving the four stories through a compelling visual narrative. From the hazy orange skies in Sohini’s Kolkata to the hot pink paint of Panmela’s graffiti, the bright primary colors of Anna’s Kenyan prints to the dry hot yellow desert sun of Senegalese villages on Sister Fa’s tour, viewers get a taste of traveling around the world, hearing stories of social injustice that are strikingly similar while culturally unique.

Singh and I traveled alone with our camera gear or occasionally with the support of a local interpreter or driver. In this way, we were able to take a fly-on-the-wall approach to our subjects; safe and intimate, without making the women feel self-conscious about being filmed. We stayed close to, or in some cases, in our subjects’ homes, being granted intimate access to their personal lives. This approach allowed us to capture previously unseen footage inside India’s government shelter homes, villages in rural Senegal, and heart-wrenching interviews with sex-trafficking and domestic-violence survivors. We tried to make our subjects feel comfortable by working with only female interpreters and an all-female production team, ensuring interviews and verité scenes were honest and emotional in societies where genital mutilation, prostitution, and even sexuality are taboo.

I wanted to continue to highlight the work of female artists by selecting women to perform the film’s key creative post-production positions. Sundance Composing Lab alumni Amritha Vaz wrote an original score featuring female Gambian kora player Sona Jobarteh and female bansuri player Sheela Bringi. Karoliina Tuovinen was the film’s finishing editor, and a nearly-all female team at Technicolor studios finished the film’s color correction and sound mix. In short, LITTLE STONES is a film about women who are using art to create social change, by women artists who believe their creativity can help other women in their own communities, and around the world.

The film’s title comes from suffragist and women’s rights activist Alice Paul’s 1974 quote, “I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone.” The sentiment, that we all have a role to play in the global fight for equal rights, to me perfectly encapsulated the work of each artist featured in the documentary, and my own goals for LITTLE STONES. I hope the documentary encourages creative dialogue and expression around issues of global gender based violence, and that through Driftseed, the 501c3 non-profit organization which Singh and I founded during production, we will continue to grow the mosaic of the women’s movement, stone by stone.


Sophia Kruz



The music

Composer Amritha Vaz put together an all-star team of musicians for the Little Stones score. Learn more about the soloists who contributed:






American Dance Therapy Association

Art Works for Change


Center for Education Design, Evaluation and Research, University of Michigan

Center for the Education of Women, University of Michigan

Global Fund for Women

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

InsideOut (Detroit)

iZosh Women Investing in Women


Study Hall Educational Foundation 

Vital Voices

Zonta International


Our team of education experts at the University of Michigan School of Education's Center for Education Design, Evaluation and Research are hard at work creating lesson plans, resource and discussion guides to accompany Little Stones at high school, university and community screenings. To learn more about how you can host a screening or use Little Stones in your classroom, please join our mailing list.

The Little Stones filmmakers and 100 high school students at the film's Ann Arbor, MI Test-Screening and Education Symposium.

The Little Stones filmmakers and 100 high school students at the film's Ann Arbor, MI Test-Screening and Education Symposium.

Interim Dean, School of Education, University of Michigan

Center for Education Design, Evaluation and Research, School of Education, University of Michigan

Center for Education Design, Evaluation and Research, School of Education, University of Michigan

Professor, English Language and Literature, Eastern Michigan University

Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of California Berkeley


Funding for the production of the Little Stones documentary and impact campaign was provided by:

  • Albion College
  • Ferris State University
  • International Expressive Arts Therapy Association
  • Marian Chace Foundation
  • Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women
  • Verizon Wireless Foundation
  • Whole Foods Market of Michigan
  • Womanity Foundation
  • Zonta International District 15

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