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I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic.
Each of us puts in one little stone.
— ALICE PAUL, Women's Rights Activist

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the story

From a graffiti artist speaking out against domestic violence in the favelas of Brazil to a dancer rehabilitating sex-trafficking survivors in India, LITTLE STONES profiles four women, each of whom are contributing a stone to the mosaic of the women's movement through their art. These four artists show that the world is full of little stones waiting to be discovered.

This 87-minute documentary directed by EMMY® Award-winning filmmaker Sophia Kruz and cinematographer Meena Singh (20 FEET FROM STARDOM, HOLLIDAYSBURG), with music by Amritha Vaz (500 DAYS OF SUMMER) was produced over a period of 18 months in Senegal, Kenya, Brazil, Germany, India and USA.

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